Fruit Trees

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Thanks to my husband’s green thumb, we have two fruit trees starting to grow:  a Meyer Lemon Tree and an Ambarella Tree (it took us forever to find out what kind of fruit it was in English–we both only knew the Vietnamese word “Trai Coc”).  The trees are just sprouting, but we are excited nonetheless.  I took some pictures this morning of our little plants, so here they are for your envious viewing!  😉

DSC_0001 DSC_0002

DSC_0003 copy DSC_0004

The top pictures are the Trai Coc tree (Ambarella).  The fruit from this kind of tree is really good!  It reminds me of an apple.  I can’t wait for it to mature so we can have this fruit whenever we want.  Here’s what the Trai Coc (Ambarella) fruit looks like:

Trai Coc

The bottom pictures are of our Meyer Lemon trees.  And yes, that is supposed to be plural.  We bought some organic Meyer Lemons from Whole Foods earlier this year, and my husband saved a bunch of the seeds.  He did a water test with them to see which ones were viable.  If the seeds float, then they probably won’t sprout; however, if they sink, then they should be good quality seeds.  We only had 2 viable seeds, and it was slightly too early in the year to plant them, so my husband wrapped the seeds in a wet paper towel and put it in a ziploc baggie.  He stored it in the vegetable crisper drawer of the refrigerator for at least 2 weeks until the weather was warm enough to plant them (no more frost outside for the year).  He planted both seeds in a large pot with quality soil, but we weren’t sure if they would grow or not.  In fact, my husband noticed the soil had small holes in the two spots where the seeds were planted, so we thought maybe the squirrels had gotten to them already (the squirrels in this area ate all my mom’s tomatoes just before they were ready to pick the last time she planted them).  But, to our pleasant surprise, a couple of weeks ago we went outside to discover two little sprouts–BOTH of the seeds actually worked!  Assuming they both survive, we’ll have to put them in separate pots once the roots get too big to fit in the shared pot.  Oh, and I should have mentioned earlier for those not familiar with Meyer Lemons–they are a cross between a lemon and a mandarin orange.

Do any of you have fruit trees?  We don’t own a house yet, which is why we have ours in pots, but hopefully one day we’ll be able to have several fruit trees growing in our yard.

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