The Oil Cleansing Method

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Are you tired of your usual skin care regimen?  Want something that makes you feel like you’re at the spa?  Do you struggle with acne and feel like you’ve tried everything?  Or maybe you just want a more natural approach to skin care.  Well, I have the skin care method for you!

I only recently learned about The Oil Cleansing Method, but I decided to give it a try last week, and it actually works VERY well!  Think waaay back (at least it will be way back for many of you) to your years taking chemistry.  Do you recall the Law of Attraction?  It says that like attracts like.  That’s the concept used in The Oil Cleansing Method.  We can actually use oil to extract the excess oil out of our skin so that it doesn’t clog our pores.  I know it sounds crazy, but I noticed a difference in my skin after the very first night I used oil to clean my skin.  It left my skin feeling soft, fresh, clean, and balanced.  No need for moisturizer either.  Here’s how it works:

Mix 1 part castor oil, 1 part extra virgin olive oil, and 1 part grapeseed oil.  You can switch out some of these oils with other oils, such as jojoba oil in place of grapeseed oil, or sunflower seed oil in place of the olive oil, but make sure you use castor oil, because that’s the antibacterial in this equation.  You may also add a few drops of an essential oil, such as tea tree oil or lavender oil, for its aromatherapy type characteristics.  Depending on your skin type, you may want to adjust the amounts of each oil you use as well.  If you have combination skin or average skin, then use the equation I gave above.  However, if you have dry skin, you will want to use 1 part castor oil, 2 parts extra virgin olive oil, and 2 parts grapeseed oil; if you tend to have oily skin, you will want to use 2 parts castor oil, 1 part extra virgin olive oil, and 1 part grapeseed oil.


Why did I choose these oils?  Castor oil is a MUST in The Oil Cleansing Method, as this is the antibacterial ingredient in the mixture.  Extra virgin olive oil balances that out, because it is moisturizing to the skin.  It’s also full of important vitamins, such as vitamins A and E, which are both good for the skin.  Grapeseed oil is rich in antioxidants, so it has anti-aging properties in addition to evening out the skin tone and making it feel soft.

The Method:

1.  Wash and dry your hands to remove any dirt or bacteria.

2.  With a dry face, pour a quarter-sized dollop of the oil mixture into your hand, and rub hands together to warm up the oils.

3.  Massage the oil mixture into your skin for about 30 seconds.

4.  Wet a cloth with hot water–as hot as you can handle–and wring it out.  Place the cloth over your face and allow it to steam your skin until the cloth is back at room temperature (about 30 seconds).

5.  Repeat step 4.

6.  Use the cloth to gently wipe the oil off your face.  I like to splash my face with warm water at this point as well.

7.  Use a towel to pat the skin dry–do not rub the towel on your face, as this can be harsh on the skin.

At this point, your skin should feel clean and soft–not too dry, not too oily; however, if your skin does feel a little tight, use a very small drop of extra virgin olive oil to moisturize your skin.  In addition, if you have a blemish, even if it’s cystic acne, you can apply castor oil directly to the spot and it should help diminish the inflammation and clear it up.

Do this every night, and I promise your skin will thank you!  If you are someone who usually washes their face in the morning as well, I like to use an all natural toner rather than a harsh facewash.  Mine is from Whole Foods, and it has rose water, witch hazel, and aloe vera in it.  You can even make this toner at home pretty easily.  You may also want to create a natural exfoliater for your skin to use twice a week to remove any dead skin cells that accumulate.  Many people mix baking soda with water, or there are recipes online that use oatmeal.  I may need to write another post about how to make an exfoliating wash…


If you decide to try The Oil Cleansing Method, please leave me a comment and let me know how it works for you!  I don’t think I’ll ever be washing my face with a harsh cleanser again.  Not to mention, this method saves a lot of money when you think of all the store products you normally buy:  facewash, exfoliating scrub, toner, moisturizers, etc.

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